Central Ohio Rowing Boat History

Respect, Tribute, and Honor:  Central Ohio Rowing (COR)* Boat History

  • formerly Dublin Crew
Inside the boat

Dublin Crew’s current fleet consists of 14 boats total: seven 8+, six 4+ and one double. Here is some history behind the boats’ names, including some that are retired.

THOMAS STOCKDALE (UNKNOWN) – RETIRED.  The purchase of this four+ is unknown.  The first boat of Dublin Crew. On the way to its first regatta, the bow was punctured by an object. Concerned that it would not be able to be rowed, the parents of the Founding Five went to the local store, purchased duct tape, and covered the hole – the result, a first-place finish.  The bow of the boat continues to be stored (with the duct tape) in the Dublin Crew erg room.

DIRIGO (DIRIGO 1991) – RETIRED.  An unnamed eight+.

J.R. Mason (Vespoli 1992) – RETIRED.  This eight+ was named after J.R. (Jim) Mason, a key contributor as it relates to time, talent and treasure to the early success of the Dublin Crew program.

VESPI 4 (VESPOLI 1995) – RETIRED. An unnamed four+.

FOUNDING FIVE (DIRIGO 1996) – RETIRED.  This four+ was named after the first five members (women) of Dublin Crew in 1991, rower Sarah Cooper-Novak, rower Leah Glowacki, rower Jacque Newman, rower Wendy Swart and coxswain Lisa Leppert.

JOHN & SALLY LEPPERT (VESPOLI 1996) – RETIRED. This eight+ was named after John and Sally Leppert, parents of the Founding Five coxswain, Lisa Leppert, and longtime supporters of Dublin Crew including housing the boats in winter for many years.

RACER (VESPOLI 1997) – An unnamed eight+.

MEL DODGE (VESPOLI 1998) – RETIRED. Purchased from GCRA in 2009, this eight+ was named after Mel Dodge, a Columbus philanthropist.

DR. GREGORY BROOKES (VESPOLI 2000) – RETIRED. This eight+ was named after Dr. Gregory Brookes. Dr. Brookes was the athletic team doctor for Dublin City Schools from 1982 until his passing in 2000. He is most noted for his visionary impact in athletics. He felt sports could be utilized to facilitate growth in other areas off the playing field. He made it his goal to assist children and families navigating into young adulthood. Dr. Brookes believed that through athletics, band and extracurricular activities children could have many positive school encounters. His ongoing vision is carried on by professionals who continue to impact students within our community today.

VESPI 8 (VESPOLI 2001) – RETIRED. An unnamed eight+.

RUSS MERRITT (VESPOLI 2002 ) – This four+ was named after Russ Merritt, who donated his time as the Varsity Men’s Coach for several years and longtime friend of Dublin Crew. In fact, for years, his pontoon boat was used for Ohio Governors Cup.

CASTO (VESPOLI 2004) – This four+ was named after The Casto Company, which donated storage space for winter storage as well as discounted space for the erg room during the 2011-13 seasons.

JENNIFER HARVIE (VESPOLI 2004) – This double was named after Jennifer Harvie, wife of long-time Dublin Crew coach and volunteer, Gregory Harvie.

GREGORY T. HARVIE (VESPOLI 2005) – This eight+ was named after Greg Harvie, longtime Dublin Crew coach, volunteer, and friend.

LCpl WESLEY DAVIDS (VESPOLI 2005)RETIRED This four+ was named after LCpl Wesley Davids as part of his will. Davids, Dublin Crew Alumni, and Class of 2003, was a member of the Marine Reserve’s 3rd Battalion, 25th Regiment, 4th Division in Columbus. He died in May 2005 from an explosion while conducting combat operations in Karabilah, Iraq.

JOSEPH A. FRENCH (VESPOLI 2005) – RETIRED. This eight+ was named after Joseph French, a former Dublin Crew Parent, President, and longtime volunteer and friend.

LUCKY ’13 (2011) – This four+ was the first boat purchased by Dublin Crew in more than 6 years and was named after the Class of 2013 of Dublin Crew. Donations to this boat came from the families of Jacob Bauer (Class of ’13), Chance and Sarah Davis (Class of ’14 and ’13, respectively), Dani Figliuolo (Class of ’13), Olivia Gugliemotto (Class of ’12), Bailey and Maddie Irelan (Class of ’12 and ’13, respectively), Marshall Leaver (Class of ’13), Megan Levine (Class of ’13), Jake Marshall (Class of ’13), Luke Neuroth (Class of ’13), Sharon Zhang (Class of ’13).


PARRISH (VESPOLI 2012) – This four+ was named after Dana Parrish and her family. Dana has been the Ohio Governor’s Cup Coordinator. She served as an officer of Dublin Crew and her children were active with Dublin Crew.  Her daughter went on to row at the University of Miami (FL).  Dana continues to row to this day with Greater Columbus Rowing Association.

JOANNE COOPER-NOVAK (HUDSON 2013). This eight+ was named after the founder of Dublin Crew in 1991. After visiting with members of the Greater Columbus Rowing Association, Joanne recruited Robin Kingma and Kelly Mackey to volunteer their services for 2-1/2 years to get the Dublin Crew program started. After five weeks of practice, Dublin Crew participated in their first race, The Speakmon Regatta. Despite all of the teams being college teams at this regatta, Dublin Crew captured a highly respectable second place.

POWER 10 (HUDSON 2014).  This four+ was named in honor of all the alumni of Dublin Crew as Dublin Crew established in 2014 its alumni relationship model, the Power 10 Club. Power 10 is a rowing term referencing 10 hard power strokes during a race. In terms of our alumni relationship model, it also refers to the opportunity for Dublin Crew friends and alumni to stay in touch with the Club and its activities with a minimum donation of $10 per year.  The power of this donation will propel the Club to future success.

Quindici (Fillippi 2015).  The double was named in after the Class of 2015 of Dublin Crew.  The Fillippi is an Italian Boat and Quindici is 15 in Italian.  Donations to this boat came from the families of Braden Bingham (Class of ’15), Bridget Geyer (Class of ’15), Andrew Markovich (Class of ’15), Emily Marshall (Class of ’15), Gina Michael (Class of ’15) and Jennifer Voltmann (Class of ’15)

THE COACH (HUDSON 2016) – The 4+ was named in honor the coaches that have made an impact on athletes that have rowed or coxed for Dublin Crew over the past 25 years.