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Fees & Costs

Crew can be an expensive sport due to the high equipment and travel costs. Central Ohio Rowing's Board makes every effort to keep costs to a minimum.  As a non-profit, our club is not intended to be income-producing; we budget to cover expenses.

Registration/Equipment Fees: These fees are assessed to cover the season’s operating costs, including the cost of equipment and facilities maintenance and repair, equipment replacement, rental of boatyard space, coaches’ salaries, utilities, insurance, and regatta registration costs.

Current Fees as of the Spring 2020 Season are:

$875 - All Competitive Levels

$575 - All Recreation Levels

$100 - Learn to Row Intro

Our current registration platform allows payments to be made in installments.  $275 will be due upon registration for the Competitive and Recreation Levels, with the remainder being billed automatically in two installments.  Learn to Row is due in full upon registration.

Not included in registration fees: Travel expenses related to regattas, which include transportation to and from the race, hotel accommodations, and food.  During the spring and fall seasons, we usually participate in 3-4 regattas per season, with 2 of these being outside Central Ohio and requiring overnight travel.  Competitive athletes are expected to wear required uniforms, this expense is not covered by the registration fee.  For information on the required uniform, see The Store under the Parent Portal.

Financial Assistance:  Central Ohio Rowing would like every student-athlete interested to have the opportunity to participate in rowing. To further that goal, Central Ohio Rowing has established a financial assistance program to help those families that might not be able to afford otherwise to be on the team. The financial assistance program may be applied in both the spring and fall seasons and may be available throughout an athlete's rowing career. It is used to reduce the Registration/Equipment Fees paid by each athlete at the start each season - it does not cover regatta related expenses outlined above. Families interested in requesting financial assistance should fill out a financial assistance application at the time of registration and forward it to our Treasurer at The Board reviews all financial assistance applications.

Refund Policy: Central Ohio Rowing understands that there may be valid reasons for an athlete to leave the program.

  • An athlete who leaves the program within 14 days of their first day on the water shall receive a full refund of all fees paid.
  • No refund of any fees will be made in the case of an athlete who is asked to leave the program for disciplinary reasons or for athletes who choose to leave the program after 14 days from their first day on the water.