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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to row?
No. We recommend that those interested in rowing sign up for one of our Summer Learn to Row sessions.  However, that is not required.  For all first-year rowers, there is an assumption that they have little to no experience with the sport.
Do I need to be a strong swimmer to row?
We require a Water Safety Test (see our detailed policy) for every rower and their parent or guardian must certify with registration. We always have our rowers’ safety as a paramount concern and follow our boats on the river in a well-equipped launch.
As mentioned in the linked policy above, besides the ability to tread water and swim a specific distance, rowers must be able to put on a life vest tossed to them whilst in the water.  Those who fail to pass the swim test will wear a life vest at all times while on the water with no exceptions.
Do I need to be a specific height to participate?
No.  Rowers come in all shapes and sizes.  The most powerful rowers tend to be taller and have very strong legs, but technique, endurance, and spirit can be equally or more important qualities of a great rower.  Boats also have a coxswain who helps steer and motivate, and coxswains are historically smaller in stature but high in spirit.
Can I get cut if I'm not a good rower?

No. Central Ohio Rowing is a no-cut team.  While we are a competitive crew and set our boats strategically for the best race results, our rowers are diverse in their talents and strengths.  Often those who may lack some of the physical athleticism make up for any deficit with a positive attitude and spirit.  All are vital members of the team.

Can I row if I play another sport in the Spring or Fall?
Yes.  In fact, many of our rowers are active in other sports and come to Central Ohio Rowing during their offseason.
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