Rowing is a complex sport with many new terms and policies.  While the website provides a lot of information for those who wish to browse, we have assembled some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your convenience.  This information will evolve, and if you have a question that is not addressed here or elsewhere on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the age requirements to join COR?

COR welcomes high school-aged girls and boys throughout the Columbus area – grades 9-12.  In addition to home-schooled students, our athletes are enrolled in many different private and public high schools. No experience is necessary to join, and new rowers may have a trial period before they commit to the entire season.

We also offer a program for 7th & 8th graders. They typically will practice with the novice but will have more limited participation in regattas, especially travel regattas.

What programs does COR offer?

COR offers year-round programs for its regular crew registrations in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

In the Summer, we offer a Learn-to-Row program for new rowers in grades 7-12.

Is COR aligned with Dublin City High Schools (or any school system)?

No.  Central Ohio Rowing (COR), formerly Dublin Crew, is open to all students who meet our high-school-age requirement for eligibility, and we have rowers from numerous public and private schools and even home school settings.  We have elected to change our name from Dublin Crew to Central Ohio Rowing to more accurately reflect our broad Central Ohio community reach without affiliation to any specific school system.

Can I earn a Varsity Letter rowing?

No.  We are not aligned with a specific school district program. One automatically becomes a “Varsity” rower in the second year of high school rowing regardless of skill level according to USRowing rules. Varsity rowers can purchase a special team jacket if desired.

Because Dublin Crew is not a high school/scholastic program, a Varsity Letter assigned to your school is not possible.  That should not be a deterrent to participation. As a USRowing sanctioned club, for those interested in the impact on your college portfolio, participating in Dublin Crew as an extracurricular sport is highly prized.  College recruiters definitely look for talent amongst all USRowing sanctioned clubs, and many of our rowers also walk-on to club rowing in College, too.

How can I determine if rowing is right for me?

USRowing calls rowing “the ultimate walk-on sport.”  Rowing is also the ultimate team sport and, while physically demanding, offers many levels at which athletes can compete.  If you’re new to the sport of rowing or not sure you’re ready to make the commitment, we offer a summer Learn-to-Row program, which gives you the opportunity to try the sport and see if it’s a good fit for you.  If you miss an opportunity for one of our Learn to Row sessions, register for Fall crew.  We offer a two-week trial at a nominal cost that diminishes financial risk.  All new rowers are Novices who start together on a level field with all the basics assuming there is little to no previous rowing background. 

I'm new to rowing. How do I get started?

Ideally, we recommend that those interested in rowing participate in one or more of our Summer Learn to Row Sessions. However, that is not a prerequisite. Simply sign up for as a Novice rower and give it a try.  Our Novice Coaches will teach you everything you need to know to begin the sport with a focus on safety.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes.  Novice rowers can sign up for Fall Crew with a two-week trial period.

Do I need to already know how to row to try out?

No.  In fact, Dublin Crew is a no try no cut sport.

We recommend that those interested in rowing sign up for one of our Summer Learn to Row sessions.  However, that is not required.  All first-year rowers are Novices and there is an assumption that Novice Rowers have little to no experience with the sport.

How can I prepare my body for rowing?

Rowing is a physically demanding sport.  Rowers are some of the world’s best overall athletes. The sport demands endurance, strength and an ability to tolerate the pain that their muscles experience in the last 500 meters of the race. 

Rowing only looks like an upper body sport.  Although upper body strength is important, the drive which moves the boat comes from the strong legs. Rowing is one of the few athletic activities that involves all of the body’s major muscle groups. 

Your best preparation physically is to increase your strength and aerobic capacity, but we encourage that you speak to your physician, too.  Appropriate activities include running, swimming, biking, weight/circuit training, and flexibility exercises.  If you don’t plan on rowing in the fall, we recommend participating in another fall sport.

Are all your practices on the water?

No.  We do often have land practices, and in the winter or when the river is not safe for rowing (or when other weather conditions prohibit), we have indoor rowing on Erg machines.  See Directions for our Boathouse and Erg Room locations.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer to row?

We require a Swim Test (see our detailed policy) for every rower and their parent or guardian must certify with registration.

We always have our rowers’ safety as a paramount concern and follow our boats on the river in a well-equipped launch.

As mentioned in the linked policy above, besides the ability to tread water and swim a specific distance, rowers must be able to put on a life vest tossed to them whilst in the water.  Those who fail to pass the swim test will wear a life vest at all times while on the water with no exceptions.

Do I need to be a specific height to participate?

No.  High school rowers come in all shapes and sizes.  The most powerful rowers tend to be taller and have very strong legs, but technique, endurance, and spirit can be equally or more important qualities of a great rower.  Boats also have a coxswain who helps steer and motivate, and coxswains are historically smaller in stature but high in spirit.

Do you offer sculling?

Yes.  Dublin Crew offers sweep rowing (one oar per person) in our “eights”, and we do have skulling available on a limited basis, generally with advanced rowers, who compete in 4x and 2x.

Do colleges recruit rowers?

Absolutely.  We recommend you read this article from USRowing about College Recruiting:

USRowing College Recruiting Guide

If I play a Fall sport, can I participate in Winter & Spring rowing?

Yes.  In fact, many of our rowers are active in high school Fall sports and come to Dublin Crew for our Winter and Spring sessions.

Can I get cut if I'm not a very good rower?

No. Dublin Crew is a no-cut team.  While we are a competitive crew and set our boats strategically for the best race results, our rowers are diverse in their talents and strengths.  Often those who may lack some of the physical athleticism make up for any deficit with positive attitude and spirit.  All are vital members of the team.

Is there a special uniform?

Yes.  All rowers receive a team t-shirt as part of their paid registration.  And we have a required Uniform that must be purchased.  Varsity rowers have the option to purchase a jacket, but it is not required.

How do I register?

For the past two years, Dublin Crew has used RegattaCentral for all registration for our regular crew seasons as well as Summer Learn to Row sessions.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary per season.  As an example, Fall 2018 costs are $800/per rower excluding uniform costs.

Is financial aid available?

On a limited basis, Dublin Crew can offer discounts of up to 50% off regular prices for families that have a demonstrated financial need (e.g. qualifying for a reduced lunch program). Please reach out to the Board with any questions.

Where does the team practice?

We have two possible practice locations.  By default Summer, Fall and Spring practices are held outside, with Winter practices indoors.  However, inclement weather or unsafe water conditions can move practices indoors or remain on land subject to coaching decisions.  See Directions for our Boathouse and Erg Room locations.

  1. Outdoor practices occur at the Dublin Crew Boathouse (Boatyard & Docks) at 2933 Riverside Drive south of Fishinger and Zollinger Roads.  See the map at the bottom right of this website.
  2. Indoor practices take place at our Erg Center (indoor rowing machines).

How do I get back and forth to the Boathouse?

Athletes are responsible for their own transportation.  Many collaborate with other rowers and their parents to carpool.

When are practices?

Practices times vary according to the season and whether you are a Novice or Varsity Rower.

Summer practices are during the day while Fall through Spring occur afternoon and early evenings.

For example, our Fall 2018 practices run for roughly 2.25 hours starting at 4:00 or 4:30.

What's a regatta?

A regatta is the name of our organized competitions, where boats race against each other.  Our regattas are USRowing sanctioned.

Fall season our regattas are 5K Head Races (one boat at a time)

Winter season our regattas are indoors on Erg machines.

Spring season our regattas are 2K “sprints” that have 6 boats in the water side-by-side racing in heats and finals.

Summer is focused on technique and provides the opportunity for about 2 sprint regattas.

Where are regattas held and how do I get there?

We have a few regattas in the local area at Grigg’s Reservoir where we practice and also Hoover Reservoir.  But many of our regattas are out of town.  Some require overnight travel.  Some are designated for specific Varsity Boats only (e.g., Head of the Charles in Boston).

Parent volunteers play a major role in helping to organize regattas and travel, but carpools are required.  Parent volunteers take on the responsibility of transporting our boat trailers and other equipment.

Rowers are responsible for their own gear.

View our Calendar for some historic Regattas or visit our RegattaCentral club page to see those Regattas we attended or hosted.

What should I bring to regattas?

A full description of what rowers (coaches will also provide instructions) and spectators should bring to a regatta – see Regatta Etiquette.

Is parking available at regattas?

Parking is available, but instructions will vary according to the location and whether you are a participant or a spectator.  Often river and lakeside settings provide limited parking access, and we must respect instructions provided by regatta organizers.  Details are provided on a per regatta basis to rowers and parents by Dublin Crew.

What is an erg?

An erg, or ergometer, is an indoor rower, or rowing machine, used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing

Do I need to buy equipment?

Rowing is a capital-intensive sport.  The boats are very expensive.  Fortunately, we already have boats, so all you need to buy is a uniform!  But make sure you’re properly attired.

As a parent or spectator, how can I support COR?

You can support Central Ohio Rowing financially with donations (we are a 501(c)3 so donations are tax deductible), through sponsorships, or through volunteer efforts.  We rely on volunteers to shield our coaches from administrative functions in running the organization through our board and committees.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Are there volunteer requirements for COR parents or guardians?

We rely on volunteer support, and that can come in many shapes and sizes.

View our Family Expectation Policy.

Does Dublin Crew offer sponsorship opportunities?

We offer many sponsorship opportunities and we will gladly entertain any specific ideas you may have.  Thank you for your support!

Are donations to COR tax deductible?

Central Ohio Rowing (COR) is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization.  As such, all donations made to COR are fully tax deductible.  (This does not include registration fees or other payments for which goods and services are received except to the extent the payment exceeds the value of the goods or services received.)

How can I contact COR?

We have several options to reach Central Ohio Rowing – formerly known as Dublin Crew:

  1. Visit our Contact page and complete our contact form.  Your inquiry will be addressed once received by our Board Secretary who will either respond directly or forward to the appropriate individual.
  2. Visit our Board page and send an email to the individual you think is most appropriate.
  3. Visit our Coaches page to communicate with the Director of Rowing directly.

How old is COR?

Our program was started in 1991 as Dublin Crew, Inc. and was the first high school rowing program in Central Ohio.  Read about the history of Dublin Crew and our subsequent recent renaming to Central Ohio Rowing.