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The Varsity and Novice programs are both classified as Competitive and participate in Regattas.  The Recreation program does not participate in Regattas.  For the summer programs, the grade eligibility is determined by the grade level the student will be entering in the fall.  Note that 8th graders/middle school athletes age 13 or above can select the Novice or Recreation program based on whether they would like to participate in regattas AND coach approval/prior experience.


Eligibility: The rower needs to have completed one year in the Novice program.
Program: Rowers participate in regattas and compete against other Varsity boats.


Eligibility:  Rowers in 8th grade or older.  This program is for a rower's first year of participation in regattas. It is very helpful for any rower wishing to participate as a Novice to have experience through Learn to Row or a season of Recreation.
Program:  Rowers participate in regattas and compete against other Novice boats


Eligibility:  All 7th & 8th graders are eligible for this program.
Program:  Coached rowing with an emphasis on technique and the fundamentals.  Rowers do not participate in regattas.